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Welcome to Outdoor School Furniture, the leading provider of high-quality outdoor school furniture in Yate. 

Our range of durable, eco-friendly products is designed to transform outdoor learning environments, encouraging creativity and interaction with nature. 

From robust playground equipment to versatile outdoor seating and tables, our collections are tailored to meet the diverse needs of students and educators. 

Embrace the outdoors with our company, where learning and nature go hand in hand.

Why Choose Us?

Choose our company for unparalleled quality and innovation in outdoor school furniture in Gloucestershire.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures eco-friendly products, crafted for durability and longevity.

We offer versatile designs that support diverse learning styles and outdoor activities, fostering creativity and interaction with nature. 

With our UK-based customer service and reliable delivery, we provide exceptional support every step of the way.

Types of Outdoor School Furniture

Outdoor school furniture encompasses a wide variety of durable and weather-resistant seating and tables designed specifically for use in school playgrounds and outdoor spaces. 

These options are suitable for children of all ages and are designed with safety and functionality in mind.

Benches are a popular choice for outdoor school furniture, providing sturdy seating options for students to socialise and relax during breaks. 

Play tables offer versatile solutions for interactive learning and creative activities, while storage units ensure organisation and tidiness in the outdoor school environment.

These furniture pieces are carefully crafted to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting use and minimal maintenance. This also satisfies environmental considerations. 

Available in various sizes and designs, they cater to the diverse needs of different age groups, promoting inclusive and ergonomic design principles.

School Outdoor Seating Yate

School outdoor seating, a crucial component of outdoor school furniture, provides durable and vibrant seating solutions for children to relax, engage with friends, and enjoy their surroundings in a safe and comfortable environment.

In terms of outdoor seating options for schools, durability and low maintenance are key. That’s why many options are made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials. 

Plus functionality, vibrant colours can also add a playful touch to the outdoor space and promote a lively atmosphere for students.

Safety is always a top priority, which is why these seating options often feature rounded edges and stable construction to prevent accidents. This provides peace of mind for both teachers and parents.

Storytellers Chairs Yate

Storytellers chairs, a creative addition to outdoor school furniture, foster social interaction and engage children in fun and educational activities, providing durable and recycled seating to enhance outdoor learning spaces.

This unique seating option encourages collaborative storytelling, group discussions, and creative play, offering an engaging platform for students to express their imagination and develop communication skills.

Constructed from recycled materials, storytellers chairs support sustainability efforts, showcasing an eco-friendly approach to furniture while promoting environmental awareness among students.

The versatility of these chairs allows for flexible outdoor learning spaces, enabling teachers to adapt their lesson plans and resources to suit the ever-changing needs of their students while providing a comfortable and inviting environment for group activities.

Play Tables Yate

Play tables, an integral part of outdoor school furniture, offer children a dedicated space to engage in creative play, exploration, and learning. 

These play tables feature durable and recycled materials in vibrant colours to create a functional and stimulating outdoor environment.

Designed to cater to the developmental needs of children, these play tables provide a safe and inviting platform for imaginative and social play.

The use of durable and recycled materials not only ensures longevity but also promotes sustainability, aligning with environmentally conscious principles.

The vibrant colours incorporated into the design not only make the play tables visually appealing but also contribute to creating an engaging and stimulating atmosphere that encourages active participation and healthy outdoor engagement.

Storage Units Yate

Storage units, an essential component of outdoor school furniture, offer practical solutions for maintaining a tidy and organised outdoor space. 

They provide storage for supplies, picnic tables, and other essentials to enhance the surroundings of school parks and outdoor areas.

Outdoor school environments rely on storage units to function smoothly. These units provide easy access to necessary supplies and equipment, while also maintaining organisation in the outdoor space. 

They also play a role in creating a welcoming atmosphere by efficiently storing picnic tables and other furnishings. 

Additionally, these units protect outdoor furniture from environmental damage and wear and tear, ensuring their durability.

Outdoor School Furniture Costs Yate

The average cost of school furniture is £300 – £5,000.

Determining the costs of outdoor school furniture involves considering factors such as the type and quantity of benches, picnic tables, and ground fixing bolts required, along with the ongoing maintenance needs, durability, and suitability for withstanding various weather conditions and outdoor activities.

Outdoor furniture options for schools vary in cost, with considerations including traditional wooden benches and tables, as well as more modern options like recycled plastic furniture.

The initial investment for higher-quality materials may be higher but can lead to long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Maintenance requirements also play a significant role in total costs. Materials such as teak or cedar may require oiling or sealing to maintain their appearance, which adds to the ongoing investment. 

Conversely, recycled plastic furniture typically requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective option over time.

Durability and weather resistance are essential factors when assessing costs. Furniture designed to withstand outdoor activities and various weather conditions will have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Where is Outdoor School Furniture Installed?

Outdoor school furniture is typically installed in educational settings such as schools, colleges and universities, commonly placed on hard surfaces or concrete areas to create functional and engaging outdoor environments that are suitable for a range of weather conditions, including the colder climate of the UK.

Installation locations for outdoor school furniture in educational settings in the UK are carefully chosen to offer students opportunities for outdoor learning and relaxation.

At schools, this furniture is often placed in playgrounds, courtyards, or open field areas to encourage physical activity and social interaction.

In universities, outdoor seating and tables may be strategically placed near communal areas and green spaces to provide academic and recreational spaces for students and faculty.

Outdoor School Furniture Benefits

The benefits of outdoor school furniture extend beyond providing seating and play options, fostering social interaction, encouraging outdoor activities, and creating durable and weather-resistant spaces that engage children with the natural environment, promoting green spaces and park usage.

Outdoor school furniture offers a range of diverse benefits that contribute to a holistic learning environment. 

By facilitating social interaction, students can collaborate and engage in group activities, promoting teamwork and communication skills.

The durable and weather-resistant nature of this furniture ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective investment for educational institutions. 

It also encourages outdoor play and physical activity, contributing to children’s overall health and well-being. 

Additionally, utilising outdoor furniture in school settings promotes a deeper connection with nature and fosters an appreciation for the outdoors and green spaces.

What is Outdoor School Furniture?

Outdoor school furniture encompasses a range of outdoor seating, picnic benches, and play tables crafted from recycled and recyclable plastic materials, designed to withstand various weather conditions and assembled with ground fixing bolts to ensure stability in school playgrounds and outdoor spaces.

These environmentally friendly pieces are not only durable but also provide functional and versatile options for seating, dining, and creative activities in the educational environment.

The use of recycled materials in their construction not only reduces waste but also serves as a valuable educational example for students. With their weather-resistant properties, the furniture remains reliable and safe for student use across all seasons, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor learning space.


“Outdoor School Furniture transformed our school’s outdoor space! The durable furniture and creative designs have invigorated our outdoor learning. Exceptional quality and service!” – Mrs. Thompson, Headteacher

“Our students love the new outdoor seating from Outdoor School Furniture. It’s not only robust and weather-resistant but also beautifully complements our school grounds.” – Mr. Hughes, School Grounds Manager

“As a teacher, I appreciate how Outdoor School Furniture has enhanced our outdoor lessons. The versatile tables and chairs are perfect for various activities.” – Ms. Patel, Year 5 Teacher

“We chose Outdoor School Furniture for their eco-friendly approach, and they didn’t disappoint. The children are more engaged in learning outside, thanks to the comfortable and functional furniture.” – Mrs. Foster, PTA Chairperson

“The installation process was seamless, and the quality of the furniture is outstanding. Outdoor School Furniture has truly helped us utilise our outdoor space effectively.” – Mr. Baker, School Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Choose the Right Outdoor School Furniture for my School?

Consider factors such as the space available, the needs and preferences of students and teachers, the durability and maintenance requirements of the furniture, and your budget when selecting outdoor school furniture.

Can Outdoor School Furniture Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions?

Most outdoor school furniture is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including heat, rain, and snow. However, it is important to properly maintain and protect the furniture to ensure its longevity.

Is Outdoor School Furniture Environmentally Friendly?

Many outdoor school furniture options are made from sustainable and recycled materials, making them a more environmentally friendly choice.

This also helps to promote sustainability and eco-consciousness among students.

What are some Safety Considerations when Using Outdoor School Furniture?

It is important to ensure that outdoor school furniture is properly installed and maintained to prevent any potential safety hazards. 

Additionally, choosing furniture with smooth edges and sturdy construction can help prevent accidents and injuries.

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